Why CaraMedia?

At CaraMedia, cinematography and digital content creation are our passions. Our goal is to showcase your ideas in the best way possible while engaging the audience through the highest quality visuals. CaraMedia Productions is a company that utilizes digital cinema tools to create impeccable visuals for entertainment purposes. In the 21st century, we use computer technology every day. We make it a point to always be one step ahead in bringing the latest technology and talent to our productions. However, quality films and websites require more than just a knowledge of computers.

As human beings, we move and interact with each other. Every day we feel that organic movement. After developing our techniques, we have found an accurate descriptive name for our films: Dance Cinematography. This is the dynamic that occurs between the actor/performer, and the camera as it "dances" or moves with them. Our technology allows the camera movements to follow the actor/performer, giving any audience member the sensation that they are actually there in the moment. Producer and director, Nicholas Caramagno, has combined 22 years of dance training with 10 years of filmmaking to create films with unique camera movement that showcases life and the world in ways never been seen before.

We will tell your story with each and every performance captured, and transcend your vision to any screen or device. Take your company, brand, or vision to the next level with your own "CaraMedia!"